Guided Meditations

by Christopher Salomone

Christopher is a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Geology. His love of crystals and gemstones stems from this background. His fieldwork includes trips to Australia and Hawaii. He is also a Taurus which is an earth sign.

Christopher's esoteric studies include the completion of  Nassim Haramein's Delegate Program in Unified Physics. He has studied with many gifted teachers including Indian Yogi's, Peruvian Teachers and Shaman Masters. He has done extensive research in the spiritual disciplines and studied many gifted authors including Deepok Chopra, Eckhart Tolle Barbara Marciniak, Michael Newton and many more. He also has a special interest in studying independent channeling transcripts.

He began personal meditation over 20 years ago and began writing, recording and conducting live guided meditations for groups of people and has several recorded meditations available for sale. Christopher also is a public speaker and conducts workshops where he discusses principals from many spiritual  teachers.   

Christopher is a licensed broker in commercial real estate in Ohio and Florida. He is the father of two boys and is an amateur songwriter and musician.